Wuhan is the most wanted to visit

Wuhan became the "hottest" domestic destination, the United States falling out of the top 10 most favorite international destinations after the epidemic.

The Social Sciences Tourism Research Center of the Chinese Academy and the Tencent Cultural and Tourism Industry Research Center have just conducted a survey of tourism needs and trends in Covid-19. Accordingly, Wuhan in Hubei Province, surpassing Beijing, becomes the "hottest" domestic tourism destination for Chinese people. This is the city they most want to visit after the epidemic was under control because it was the site of Covid-19. Previously, in a survey from mid-December 2019 to January 2020, Wuhan ranked eighth.

Shen Nong Price (3,253 km2 forest area, which was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2016 and has Shen Nong Gia National Park, in Hubei Province) and Golden Crane Tower in Wuhan are also in the top 20 points. Attractive tourism, according to the survey results. Photo: Shutterstock.

"Wuhan became the top destination for people to visit after the end of the pandemic" became one of the most popular topics on Weibo, with more than 25,000 comments and 270 million views.

"I think the real reason people want to come to Wuhan is to visit the city that has experienced historical moments. The plague situation has engraved the name of Wuhan into our minds. seeing the perseverance and diligence of the Wuhan people, "one Chinese shared the reason for choosing this city as his upcoming attraction.

Hubei became the second most visited province after Beijing. Before the outbreak, Hubei didn't appear in the top 10 desired destinations. "It is possible that the results of the study expressed strong emotions from people across the country, expressing their interest and support for the heroic city (Wuhan)," said Song Rui, director. Tourism research center, said.

For international destinations, Thailand is the place most Chinese tourists want to visit, followed by Russia and Japan. Previously, the US topped the list of favorite tourist destinations of the people here but this place now falls out of the top 10.

Covid-19 also affected tourist behavior. Families with young children traveling down by 30-40% compared to 2019. About 30% of respondents said they would travel again after 3-6 months when the epidemic crisis passed. go. The study also shows that Chinese guests are expected to spend an average of US $ 813 on a trip, instead of US $ 103 compared to last year.

The survey results were published in late April, based on more than 15,160 questions, data from more than 20 million posts on social networking accounts, media forums as well as many in-depth interviews.

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