University of Utah, USA

Located in the beautiful city of Salt Lake City with majestic natural scenery full of poetry, the University of Utah possesses an extremely large, modern and beautiful university campus in the United States. The U (the friendly name of the University of Utah) is continuously named in the TOP 100 most prestigious universities in the world with many prestigious academic rankings in the United States for teaching and research achievements. , create, innovate and support students.

Basic information
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Type of school: public
Total number of students: about 31,000 students
Location: 130 countries
Bachelor training sector: more than 100 training disciplines

Why choose to study at the University of Utah?

1. World's leading university

The U is in the TOP 100 of the best universities in the world (2017 Academic Ranking of World Universities,
Ranked # 1 Video Game Design program (Princeton Review, 2016)
TOP 6 best Architecture schools based on student assessment (, 2015)
Ranked # 30 best nursing school (U.S.News and World Report, 2019)
Ranked # 44 best business schools (U.S.News and World Report, 2019)
Ranked # 58 Best Engineering University (U.S.News and World Report, 2019)
Ranked # 54 Best Law School (U.S.News and World Report, 2019)
Ranked # 60 Best Computer Science Training Schools (The Best Schools, 2016)
In 2014, the U received nearly half a million USD for research investment funds

2. University is at the forefront of innovation and creativity

Ranked # 30 in the TOP 100 most creative universities in the world (Reuters, 2019)
Best university for aspiring entrepreneurs (LendEDU, 2016)
The leading university in technology commercialization (vii. (The Milken Institute’s 2017 ranking of Best Universities for Technology Transfer). From 2011 up to now, there have been 1,300 startups starting from the U.
Ranked # 15 best Entrepreneurship training university (Princeton Review, 2018)
The U's Lassonde Studios is a world-class startup model where 400 students with burning entrepreneurial aspirations can live, work and be creative in the same building. Lassonde Studios has been voted one of the nine best new university buildings globally by Architecture Digest.

3. The school with diverse and rich artistic backgrounds

The U offers students many interesting places to visit, entertainment and arts such as Natural History Museum of Utah, Kingsbury Hall, Pioneer Theater, Red Butte Garden and the Utah Museum of Fine Arts.
With U’s Arts Pass, the U students have the opportunity to receive free admission to various art events.

4. The U- Cradle of human talent

The U alumni list includes many big names in various fields such as John Warnock (Abode computer scientist and co-founder), J. Williams Marriott (founder of guest chains). hotel giant Mariott), David Neeleman (founder of JetBlue Airways), Edwin Catmull (founder of the famous Pixar studio). These companies have a close relationship with the U and always give special attention to the U students in internship and employment opportunities.