University of South Carolina, USA

USC is located in the beautiful city of Columbia (the capital of South Carolina), the third best college city in the United States. Established in 1801, USC is the oldest and largest multidisciplinary public university in the United States with an outstanding strength in international business that has dominated the top position of the above academic rankings. throughout the United States for more than 20 consecutive years. In addition, USC has up to 47 training disciplines ranked nationally, affirming the position and quality of the school's reputation on the US educational map.

Basic information
Location: Columbia, South Carolina
Type of school: Public
Total number of students: 34,731 students including 26,263 undergraduate students and 6,555 graduate students
Location: more than 100 countries
Bachelor training program: more than 100 majors.

Why choose to study at South Carolina University?

1. Diverse disciplines with top quality in the US

Ranked # 106 national universities (U.S.News and World Report, 2019)
Ranked # 1 International Business Program (U.S.News and World Report, 2019)
Ranked # 1 international MBA program (U.S.News and World Report, 2019)
9 master's degree programs ranked in the TOP 25 nationwide
Ranked # 1 for Sport Sciences training program in the US (Shanghai Ranking of World Universities, 2017)
Ranked in the TOP 50 Business bachelor programs (U.S.News and World Report, 2019)
Ranked among the TOP 50 best public schools (U.S.News and World Report, 2019)
Ranked 103 in the world for Business and Economics (U.S News & World Report 2019)
TOP 10 in the US for Hospitality and Tourism Management (U.S News & World Report 2019)
TOP 24 global ranking for Hospitality and Tourism Management (Shanghai Ranking)
With a special focus on innovation and innovation, USC ranks in the top 1% of universities worldwide having the highest number of patents.

2. The state-of-the-art facilities and facilities in the United States

With 7 large campuses and rated as one of the most beautiful and comfortable dormitories in the US, USC promises to bring extremely comfortable and diverse experiences for international students.
USC is ranked # 19 in the top 50 universities with leading entertainment centers in the United States (College Consensus, 2018) with a total area of ​​over 400,000 square meters, an outdoor swimming pool of international standard, a pool. indoors with a diving well, more than 80 sports clubs, cinemas, museums and countless other places to play.

3. Close cooperation with many giant companies and corporations

USC is the headquarters and leading organization of 18 economic development centers of the state of South Carolina, SmartState Centers for Economic Excellence. These centers are created with the purpose of bringing together the brightest talents and the most advanced technologies to develop the economy and improve the quality of life of the people in this state.
USC has just built a Digital Transformation Lab with an area of ​​up to 15,000 square meters, displaying a wide range of industrial and consumer-applied projects such as robotics, online testing. aircraft, automated aircraft to other intelligent electronic devices. The birth of this laboratory also marks a new beginning for close cooperation with USC with technology giants such as IBM, Samsung, Siemens and Yaskawa, in which IBM will join USC. building a new Industrial Internet of Things Research Lab (Industrial Internet of Things Research Lab). The lab will use data clouds to develop students' learning, teaching and research projects. USC is the only research partner of IBM among the US universities in this field at the present time.
USC's The McNAIR Center for Aerospace Research is closely linked to Boeing with the aim of promoting innovative research and teaching in the field of aerospace and training future aviation engineers.
In 2017, Siemens invested US $ 628 million to develop hardware, software and robotics for USC. Every year, 240 engineering students at USC will have the opportunity to work on and research famous Siemens technologies currently used by more than 140,000 companies worldwide.
USC also has exclusive relationships with prestigious international events held annually in the southeastern region of the United States. As a result, USC students have the opportunity to practice their dreams at events such as PGA Championship, NCAA sports events, the Masters Golf Tournament, South Carolina fashion week and many other great events.

4. Open employment opportunities during and after graduation

With an enrollment of Business students within 3 months of graduation up to 83%, USC ranks 22nd in public schools across the nation to provide students "ready to meet the job". (Times Higher Education, 2016)
USC has close relationships with the federal government and large corporations such as Siemens, Boeing, Samsung, IBM, ... to provide students with diverse and valuable internships and employment opportunities.
Enrolling in USC, students will become a member of the alumni network of up to 300,000, many of them holding important positions at well-known companies such as Amazon, Bosch, Bank of America, IBM, Google, Palmetto Health and Disney.
USC Career Career Accelerator Program links Shorelight University with the Shorelight Education Group, which has won the Progressive Education Delivery Award at the PIEoneer Awards, an annual award that honors outstanding contributions. turned on in international education.

The strong training majors of the University of South Carolina

International Business (# 1)
Sports Management (# 3 World)
Global Supply Chain & Operations Management (# 7)
Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management (Top 10)
Electrical Engineering (# 10)
Electrical Engineering (# 10)
Risk & Insurance Management (# 11)
Health Care Management (# 42)
Chemical Engineering (# 61)
Mechanical Engineering (# 87)
Economics & Business (# 103 World)

Information about the city of Columbia
Columbia ranked # 3 Best University Cities in the US (, 2016)
Columbia ranked # 2 the most attractive cities for Generation Y (Smartasset, 2018)
South Carolina is the top state in the United States in terms of foreign investment-related jobs (according to IBM Plant Location International Report, 2015) and 5th in terms of globalization (according to South Carolina Department of Industry and Trade).
South Carolina is also the home of more than 1200 multinational corporations such as BMW, Boeing, Volvo, Lockheed Martin. In this state, there are more than 400 aerospace companies.

Costs and scholarships
Tuition: $ 34,519 (estimated based on IAP / direct program)
Living expenses: only from $ 11,201 / year
Scholarship: up to $ 12,000 for the first year

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