These countries launched privileges to attract international visitors

Cyprus prepares its own hospital to treat nCoV-infected travelers.

Although travel around the world is still limited due to Covid-19, many areas are preparing to reopen. At the same time, many countries offer perks and incentives in an effort to draw tourists back.

Mexico free hotel, car rental; Discounted tickets to amusement parks, golf courses and spas. Many places in Mexico hope to welcome guests back in mid-June. And a new campaign # VenAlCaribeMexicanoX2 (Come to Caribbean Mexico) is starting to be launched to promote the country's Caribbean destinations, from Cancun. to Cozumel.

Currently, Mexico has more than 81,000 cases of nCoV and more than 9,000 deaths. Photo: Shutterstock.

Hotels Association of Cancun, Puerto Morelos and Isla Mujeres said that 200 accommodation service businesses have cooperated to promote this campaign. They will assist guests by reducing the room rates. Accordingly, guests staying for two nights will be free of charge for an additional two nights. Similarly, just renting a car for two days, you will be free for an extra two days. One additional 2 adults with room reservation will be free for two extra children at no extra charge. Tickets to amusement parks, golf courses, spas are reduced by 20%. This offer is expected to last until August 15.

Italy free admission to attractions, 50% off air tickets, 30% accommodation. The Sicily Island Tourism Authority's official website lists great offers for tourists who will come here after the nationwide blockade order is lifted in the next 8 days. Accordingly, visitors will be supported half the airfare. If you stay for 3 nights will be free of room charge one night. Admission to museum and archaeological sites is also free.

The Italian government uses a $ 84.6 million bailout package for this program to "lift" the $ 1.6 billion loss due to declines in March and April. Tourism industry accounts for 13% GDP. Therefore, the country is planning to re-attract guests after the epidemic is under control.

Portugal, Iceland free nCoV test. Specifically, the Portuguese Madeira Islands, located off the Atlantic Ocean, will open to international visitors on July 1. As planned, all travelers will have to prove they are negative to nCoV within 72 hours before departure, or be checked right after entry. This testing fee is paid by the island authority.

Iceland is also planning to reopen its border to welcome visitors from June 15. Guests on entry to the free nCoV test. People with negative results will be free to travel to this country. Positive people will be isolated on 14 days.

Guests are free of accommodation, travel and medicine if infected with nCoV when traveling to Cyprus. Authorities of the island in the eastern Mediterranean said they would pay for all accommodation, medical expenses, and patients 'patients' expenses when they came here for travel and nCoV infection.

In addition, these unlucky guests are also given a free ride to the airport and air tickets to go home. The government also set aside a hospital to treat nCoV travelers on arrival. Those who accompany them are also allowed to stay in isolation-exclusive hotels.

The move of the Cypriot authorities aims to attract visitors, when it is expected to open to international visitors from safe countries like Germany and Greece from June 9.

Cyprus reported about 1,000 infections, with 17 deaths. This is also a place where the pest control is assessed.

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