The village emerged after 27 years of disappearance

ITALY - From 1994 until now, the medieval village located at the bottom of Vagli Lake will be able to come back to attract tourists.

Fabbriche di Careggine is located in Lucca Province, Tuscany, an ancient village built in the 13th century and abandoned since 1947, so it is also called "ghost village". Because of the dam construction on the Edron River, the Vagli artificial lake was flooded with water and all the inhabitants had to move to the next village.

The medieval village appeared after the draws of water attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists to come here to explore. Photo: Flickr.

Since that flood, the Vagli lake has been drained four times in 1958, 1974, 1983 and 1994. And soon the shallow lake will reveal the ruins of the old village. In 1994, after exhausting Vagli Lake and the emerging village always attracted hundreds of thousands of tourists to explore.

According to Lonely Planet, Enel, the organization that uses the dam, said it is possible that the dam will discharge to drain the lake again by 2021. Lake drainage is an opportunity to boost tourism in the region thanks to the availability of a calendar destination. fascinating history. For decades, the streets of the ancient village of Fabbriche di Careggine lie below 34 million cubic meters of water, so the opportunity to explore them is truly rare.

Previously, in 2016, there was a plan to drain the lake but was not approved. However, recently Enel is reconsidering this plan but no official date. The village by the lake, Vagli de Sotto, has its own Facebook page and website for visitors to update the situation before visiting.

In addition to the planned withdrawal of Vagli Lake, Enel also announced a project to promote "responsible tourism" in the region. The project includes reopening destinations, building museums to preserve local history, and redeveloping the natural environment.

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