Overview of upland kindergarten in Vietnam has just reached the top of the new world architecture project

Although built with limited funding, with extremely unique architecture, Bo Mon Preschool has been highly appreciated for creativity, modernity, meeting the criteria of aesthetics and application. used in the new age.

Bo Mon kindergarten is located in Tu Nang commune, Yen Chau district, Son La province - Photo: TRIEU CHIEN / ARCHDAILY
Located in Tu Nang commune, Yen Chau district, Son La province, Bo Mon Kindergarten is a social project designed by KIENTRUC O group with limited funding from charitable funds and sponsors. .

This work was carried out by an architect group and construction unit for over a year with a total area of ​​237m2, which was officially put into operation in June 2019. After being officially put into use, Bo Mon Kindergarten has become the home for nearly 70 H'Mong children and teachers set up villages in Bo Mon, Cayton and Co Tong villages.

With its unique architecture and special human values, the school has received many compliments from famous architectural magazines such as Guardian, Designboom and Archdaily. Besides, with this architecture, viewers also see creativity and ability to cope with unusual challenging situations.

Specifically, the building includes a classroom area and a teacher's residence area separated through a common playground. This playground is the center of the building, this is a multifunctional open space designed under a porch and trees so that children can play together without being affected by the time conditions. secretion. It is also the venue for extra-curricular activities, community activities and traditional festivals of the nation.

The roof uses 2 layers of corrugated iron roof to reduce the feeling of heat in the summer, the roof has a soft, lively shape, looking down from above, the school as a whole works of art in harmony with natural scenery place of mountains and hills.

This design makes use of natural light, so the room is always flooded with light without the impact of electric lights.

With such creativity, Bo Mon upland nursery and 9 other constructions have been highly appreciated by the editors of the Guardian for creativity and modernity, meeting the criteria of aesthetics. and applications in the new age.

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