Net drag fishing nearly 200 years old

QUANG NG NGUET The colorful forest shifts to the hustle and bustle of people on My Khe beach, creating a beautiful view.

The scene dragged the net in the misty early morning. The picture is in the series "Pulling the net in My Khe" by photographer Duy Sinh (Quang Ngai City) before the time of social isolation. Photo: Duy Sinh.

When the fish and the flock follow the flow of Sa Huynh seaward to My Khe, it is also the time when fishermen go to the sea to catch a net. Net netting is a fairly unique method of near-shore fishing, netting encircling an ocean area and pulling nets to shore to harvest fish. The fishermen here trawl the net all year round and are not fixed on any day, usually on days of calm sea, no wind and rely on tidal water.

Each team, including men and women, trawled around 15 people, one for each job. In which rowing basket boat to the sea to drop nets, crank nets are important stages in the fishing process. The crank net is more than 1 km from the shore in an arc, on the shore there are about 10 to 12 people divided into 2 groups standing on the sides, pulling back and gradually approaching each other when the net is brought back to the shore. Two groups of people stood on either side and pulled the net to the shore. The group of fishermen dropped their nets at 5:30 am, if the water was full of fish, they released the next batch of nets.

Fishing gear from the forest is priced at 1.5-2 million VND / piece. The net has a grid-like structure, the length of 1,000-2,000 m, the height of the grid must be greater than the water depth, so that the lead edge is always close to the bottom and the buoy is always floating on the water. Photo: Duy Sinh.

Mr. Nguyen Nam, one of the households pulling the net in My Khe said that he had done this job for nearly 20 years. The craft village has been maintained for nearly 200 years. Abundant resources of fish in the past, now much reduced, a batch of fish net fish only sold a few million. A workday is about 300,000 VND per person.

After the net is pulled to the shore, the products obtained are fresh anchovies, plaice, fish, shrimp and shrimp. Flats like small shrimp, about 1-4 cm long and reddish brown, used to boil, cook vegetable or taro soup.

In the morning of March 10, not many fish were caught, the group of fishermen split to take home. On the right days, they classified fishes and sold them to traders at the shore to move to the morning market. Photo: Duy Sinh.

The scene of dragging a net is a topic for photography lovers to exploit with a view from above. "On sunny days, the bright red and green nets bring a beautiful picture of life in My Khe beach", photographer Duy Sinh said.

Currently due to Covid-19, local fishermen do not gather in large numbers and carry out social isolation 15 days from 1/4, under the direction of the Government and government supervision.

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