Mysterious high-class hotel has never been welcomed

Intended to become a luxury resort, PI Bedugul Taman Rekreasi is now known as Ghost Palace.

Located near the road from Kuta, the area is always bustling with lively parties, to the picturesque Beratan lake is a large resort stretching on the mountainside. In contrast to the bright and bustling areas of other hotels in Bali, this place is quiet and dark. That is PI Bedugul Taman Rekreasi Hotel & Resort.

With a prime location, large construction scale, many visitors believe that if Ghost Palace (Ghost Palace) is completed and open to welcome guests, this place will be an ideal place to "live virtual" because there are many Beautiful photography angle. Photo: Atlasobscura.

The resort was built in the 1990s, with architecture and style of Indonesian culture. From here, guests can enjoy panoramic views of Bali's beautiful nature, thanks to its prime location. That is why the hotel was once expected to become a tourist attraction. Even so, this place still misses its inauguration day, abandoned for more than 10 years and locals give it another name, Ghost Palace. Now it has become an attraction for thrill-seekers and ghost hunters, who believe in supernatural phenomena.

The long, dark and deserted corridors make many visitors shudder, or have to follow the crowd to dare to set foot. Photo: Atlasobscura.

Ghost Palace is covered with creepers, weeds and scary oral stories. One of the most well-known stories is that the person behind this project was led to bankruptcy by a curse, causing the construction of the hotel to stop indefinitely. Another story relates to the mysterious disappearance of all construction workers. These people are like "melting in the air" after only one night, and no one can find traces.

Many people believe that, in the dark corridors of the hotel, you can come across cold phenomena. However, to date, no one has provided specific evidence for the unjust death of the dead wandering at this abandoned resort, including ghost hunters.

The architecture of the hotel bears the breath of Indonesian culture. Photo: Atlasobscura.

According to Atlasobscura, the history of Ghost Palace is difficult to verify. However, the most accepted scenario involved the project owner, Tommy Suharto, the youngest son of the second former president of Indonesia. Tommy was sent to jail in 2002 due to corruption issues, so the construction of the hotel is still unfinished.

At present, the hotel is deserted but there are still a few interior furnishings, furnishings and living evidence for this place that was ever ready to open. But unfortunately, that hasn't happened yet.

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