Instead of talking about the utility of a credit card, teach your customers how to use it

Some people are reluctant to find out what credit cards are, but why are banks continually offering incentives, increasing utility for the cards or even introducing new products ... Customers who know more or less about credit cards also There is reason to consider whether or not to use the card, even if they can afford it.

Focus on introducing the utility of the card, or should customers guide how to use it?
Most banks now offer a maximum of 45 days interest free for credit cardholders when paying, but did not say in detail that cash withdrawals at ATMs will be charged interest immediately; or just pay at least 5% of the amount spent to not be fined, but customers do not know if paying under 1 dong will still be charged the interest rate as usual (calculated interest on the amount spent, not 1 missing copper) ...

Recently the media reported that a Japanese director had been staffed in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM used Visa card information to appropriate 600 million from 2015. Maybe when customers neglect, this staff quickly took pictures of the card to buy online ... So suppose all credit cardholders do not be reminded by the bank that it must be very careful when giving the card to the staff, then the consequences are not much different.

If the problem is not definitively and clearly resolved, then not only the interests of the customers but also the banking and customer service activities will be adversely affected.

Is it reasonable that instead of constantly introducing new utilities when using credit card products, banks should firstly instruct customers to use it properly, because many cardholders today have not been able to fully enjoy the convenience is it "misused" like the example above?

In addition to instructing new card users, the bank should also introduce a strong warning policy for people who intentionally misuse, such as participating in the service of cash withdrawal from credit cards to bypass Interest, just treat it as a "working capital" no more!

How to use the card to be more secure?

Sign the back of the card;
Most credit cards are currently international Visa / MasterCard / JCB, so you should remember and delete the 3-digit CVV / CVC security number on the back as soon as you receive the card;
Using the card to pay at POS locations, keep an eye on the card when giving it to the employee;
When buying online, never enter the information on the card into the website without the https: // protocol (blue lock). Do not access email, applications, sensational news articles to avoid having viruses installed on your computer to steal information someday;
Do not lend your card to anyone other than your family members (only make auxiliary cards for them).

2 more important principles when using a credit card is that you SHOULD NOT borrow cash in any form (via ATM, underground service) and remember to pay in full from the beginning the amount of money used in the month to the bank goods, so as not to be charged interest.

The most special utilities of bank credit cards today
When you know how to use your credit card properly, it's time for customers to know how to combine the card's utilities and offers to benefit them the most.

The recent competition to offer credit cards by constantly launching new gadgets sometimes gives customers more options, which is a good thing. After knowing how to balance spending by credit card, it's time to combine it with the most special utilities today that cannot be ignored, in addition to interest-free. Here are also suggestions for choosing a suitable credit card for many people:

Refund when spending: The bank will refund% of each bill to cardholders when using it for shopping, payment. The highest refund is currently 30% for tourism of Maritime bank, followed by 10% for SCB, 5% for Citibank ... Credit cards for cashback now.
Earn points to redeem rewards: Cardholders will receive reward points when shopping, accumulate enough points that can be exchanged for other rewards (from Voucher to smartphone, air ticket ...). The current exchange rate applied by many banks is 20,000 VND for spending = 1 point. Details of the 10 best credit card accumulated points.

0% interest installments from 3 to 12 months: Not only can customers buy interest installments with 0% interest for 3 - 12 months, most banks do not charge customers for installments. Details of some 0% installment credit cards.
Earn miles to redeem free air tickets: Like earning points, these cardholders will earn miles, which can be exchanged for flights of over 80 affiliated airlines including Vietnam Airlines . Credit card details accumulated miles.

Travel insurance, baggage insurance and flight: This privilege is for Platinum and above, so that the cardholder and the whole family will be insured for travel risks such as: Accident insurance 10 billion, insurance lost 25 million luggage, insurance delayed the trip ...
Card fraud insurance: On a normal day, suddenly your card is stolen somewhere, the bank will compensate according to the regulations for that fraudulent transaction. Details of a credit card number with card fraud insurance.
A final benefit not all credit card owners know, is that thanks to it, the credit score is greatly improved. Credit score is a very important criterion for assessing NPLs, thus helping banks decide whether to lend money or not.

There are many other benefits that only you can use the bank's credit card to discover. The fact that the credit card is not at fault but because the customer directly creates risks for themselves, partly indirectly because the bank does not specifically instruct how to use the card. So before the "credit card market" is now competitive, should banks focus on introducing their product utilities or should instruct their customers how to use the card?

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