Fun fact: The brilliant ideas of genius physicist Albert Einstein appeared in his ... most spare time

Few people know that the brilliant ideas that helped to change the world science of the genius physicist Albert Einstein reappeared while he was walking and resting at sea.

Sometimes the best ideas don't come up while we think. Interestingly, they reappear when people are walking, looking at the sky or walking under the trees, etc.

And that is also the way the brain genius Albert Einstein has found theories that make man admired. Nobel Prize-winning physicist, Einstein famously published the collection "the most beautiful of theories" in the first half of the 20th century. It was a scientific masterpiece because the book significantly changed the understanding of personality. type of space, time, gravity or mechanism of operation of the universe.

But few know that Einstein would never have thought of those theories if he did not often have indecisive outings.

Einstein's first pregnancy ideas came from the 1890s when he graduated high school. When no longer under the pressure of the exam, Einstein spent a year roaming.

Einstein claimed to be obsessed with science. Especially the way this natural mind of the 20th century understands the world is completely different from most people. And this turned out to be thanks to Einstein spending so much time at sea.

As a teenager, Einstein learned how to sail and when he was above water, he observed how the universe worked. Einstein understood that space and time really bend in the vast universe. His discovery became an important prerequisite for later scientists.

Einstein's view is quite clear, everything can only be found when we directly phase out and reach the world. Just sitting by a computer or looking at the world through a window can not help you uncover the secrets that are hidden behind them.

Theoretical theorist Carlo Rovelli himself also learned by Einstein's method. A young student of physics in Italy, he absorbed and applied Einstein's theory while resting on the beach and reading books.

Rovelli said: “Every time I looked up at the sparkling sea, I seemed to see the curvature of space and time the same way Einstein imagined it. It's like magic, like a friend whispering in your ear a hidden truth for so long. ”

Go ahead and find out without purpose, the world will give you surprising ideas and answers.

Even as an adult, Einstein continued his exciting journeys. In 1932, he wrote to his friends while traveling on a ship in Panama waters. He said: "Cruises are a great opportunity to calmly observe and contemplate ideas from a different perspective."

Einstein's wife Elsa was also in tune with her husband's love for the sea. On the other side of the letter, Elsa remarked: “There is really no place where my husband feels relaxed, relaxed and separate from the usual distractions like at sea, the real ship. The fact that he has taken him so far away from such things. "

The letter of Einstein and his wife Elsa became a memorabilia on June 19 in Jerusalem for a starting price of $ 4,000. However, perhaps the auctioneer could not understand, the letter really contains an extremely expensive advice that we all need.

But Einstein's way of wandering indefinitely sometimes brought him trouble. Einstein once went to the beach and was arrested by the police, like the one that happened in the summer of 1939 on Long Island.

A witness at the time, Martha Paul, told the New York Times in 2007: "People noticed and laughed at a strange guy on a sailboat that was moving aimlessly." Paul recalls that summer when the famous physicist was living on Long Island. He wore a woman's sandals, which he called "sundials" or sundials, then drove his boat lazily across the sea.

Interestingly, Einstein is not the only one who holds the view that wandering aimlessly is an interesting way to find creative ideas.

Well-known psychologist and philosopher Olivia Goldhill once told Quartz: "Psychologists often give advice to make a child's summer boring." This idea may sound negative and contradictory, but it is actually a way of exploring creativity and thinking in children. When really experiencing the state of boredom, boredom, children will have the opportunity to show their own talents.

Like Einstein's note in a travel diary written in 1922-1923, he wrote: “How to maximize your thinking and research skills - the only way is to go to the beach for a long time, it is really a paradise because it is a place without mail, visits, meetings or other devious inventions ”.

What we learn in uncertain times is sure to be a great opportunity to change ourselves and life. If we are lucky, we can even discover things that exist on Earth that humanity has never thought of before.

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