Experiences not to be missed when coming to Ba Na Hills

DA NANG: Visitors have fun with many festivals, participate in interesting games, admire the unique architectural works ... in Ba Na Hills.

World of festivals: Coming to Ba Na, visitors will enjoy the festival. Four seasons, each season is defined by Ba Na Hills with a festival, with colors that never repeat.

Spring attracts with colorful spring flower festivals. In Spring 2019, Ba Na brought an entire corner of the Netherlands, placed on the top of the mountain of God. It also converges hundreds of other flowers in the land of origin, including peach blossom bells that appear only on the top of Ba Na.

Come will be the season of Ba Na Hills to show visitors a beauty full of vitality, in the joy of not gaping with the B’estival beer festival - dubbed Oktoberfest Vietnamese version.

Autumn comes with the sweetness and charm of the French style wine festival. And the winter will return to the golden colors of pumpkins, chrysanthemums and vivid miniatures from the Halloween Festival.

Alternating between those festivals are unique art shows, with the participation of international cast, artists and many types of arts such as circus, dance, magic, stilts ... Four seasons, each Day, Ba Na Hills will never make visitors feel sad.

World of games: Go to Ba Na Hills, young people will explore Fantasy Park - the largest indoor park in Southeast Asia. The world of adventure games, even a little bit of ghosts ... makes it possible for visitors to wander there all day long without getting bored.

Enjoying a bit of adventure, travelers try to join the underground journey. If craving to be adventurous, do not miss the indoor climbing game. Want to return to prehistoric times, visitors can not forget Fantasy Park has a Jurassic park. 18 games and hundreds of games in this place are enough to bring a whole world of fun, so that young people and the little tourists who have returned home, may want to go to Ba Na Hills again and again.

Admire the unique architecture: Like a miniature Europe, Sun World Ba Na Hills attracts visitors by beautiful and impressive architectural works. A French Village opens up a magnificent Paris scene with an old castle, St. Reverend Denis or European streets tinted with time.

A Debay cellar tells the story of the mysterious world of French officials in the 20th century. A Beer Plaza is designed as a giant beer barrel, towering amidst Ba Na scenery. Thinking Gardens, Garden of Eden with strange art forms that visitors can come back here a few times.

But the most attractive is the Golden Bridge, with the design of the hands of the mountain god raising the golden silk strip that has conquered millions of domestic and international visitors. This bridge has brought the name of Bana beyond the border, becoming a phenomenon throughout the past.

Culinary experience: Tourists can travel to Europe through the food in Ba Na. Coming to Beer Plaza, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy delicious beer, or each typical dish of the German countryside such as crispy salted bread, aromatic German scent, delicious baked goods.

Coming to the Caucasus restaurant, visitors will see Russia through exquisite dishes such as red radish soup, grilled lamb chops ... And visitors can also touch Italy when enjoying pizza, spaghetti ... at La Brasserie. Each restaurant has a culture, every little corner in Ba Na Hills is a beautiful experience, so that everyone can return to this "Leading Theme Park in Vietnam" many more times.

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