Experience using a credit card when traveling for business or pleasure

In many cases, some of you go abroad, use a credit card and fall into a wobble situation, which is a card that can not be paid for many reasons. The following will be tips from practical experience to help you avoid payment problems.

1. Bring as many credit / debit cards as possible

If you want to avoid the risk of carrying a lot of cash when traveling or traveling abroad, use a credit or debit card, but don't put your trust in 1-2 existing cards. When traveling abroad, no Vietnamese card is 100% reliable.

Many cases of payment failure are due to foreign banks not accepting Vietnamese cards, possibly due to connection errors, or because the cards are heavily scratched, etc.So if you have many credit cards, should bring all for personal protection. If you don't have a lot of cards, you should set aside an adequate amount of cash for emergencies
Debit cards do not need a lot of money in your account, but you will need them in case your credit card does not work, why you should see below to understand more.

2. Always pay the hotel 1 day before check out (check out)

Why pay 1 day in advance? When paying 1 day in advance, if your credit card has a problem, you will not have time to pay, you will have time to solve problems such as calling the bank of Vietnam to check the card, asking for help, etc ...

Imagine when you check-out before you pay and credit card does not pay, the problem will become serious. And being late for a flight is one of the consequences nobody expects.

3. Always have your bank and relatives' information ready to help

In case your credit card is unusable, it is best to call the bank where you opened the card for assistance. It is theoretical to use a card in Vietnam. But in fact, when traveling abroad, making an international call to the switchboard to verify and check will cost a lot of phone charges. And sometimes, the problem is not solved.

And this is why you should have an extra debit card for backup. Just call your family member to transfer the amount you need to the debit card. Just a few minutes later, your debit card account has money and payment is complete.

Mastercard and Visa cards are international payment cards. The difference between these two cards is which payment network it belongs to.
Mastercard has a payment network provided by MasterCard Worldwide. MasterCard Worldwide is based in Purchase (New York, USA).
Visa card has a payment network provided by Visa International Service Association, based in San Francisco (California, USA).

In Vietnam market, Mastercard and Visa cards are distributed by banks according to different types of cards. There are many card products suitable for each need as well as customers. Which is divided into 2 main types: credit card and debit card.

Credit Cards: You can apply for a Visa credit card or register for a Mastercard. However, banks now offer Mastercard / Visa credit cards. With credit cards, you need to keep in mind, to issue cards, the bank will issue conditional policies. You will be issued with a card when you meet the banking conditions. With your credit card limit, you can easily spend on demand and enjoy the credit card offers.

Debit cards: Banks also support the issuance of 2 lines of Mastercard and Visa debit cards. Conditions for issuing cards of banks are not too strict. However, this is a prepaid card before it is used, so you need to pay attention.

Should you open a Mastercard or a Visa card?

Choosing to open a Mastercard or Visa card depends on the scope of the card usage and is divided in the areas:
In the European region: both Mastercard and Visa cards are commonly used.
In the Americas region: some payment points do not accept Visa, Mastercard is used to dominate.
In Asia: The commonly used Visa card is accepted in many countries.

Some countries refuse to use a Mastercard or Visa card like China and South Korea. In case you need to open a credit card for traveling to the US, studying or working in the US, you should use Mastercard because this card is used more widely. When you open the card, you also need to consider understanding the scope of the future you will use the card.

In addition to the benefits of payment domestically and internationally, you do not need to use a lot of cash, Visa and Mastercard cards also bring you incentives when paying at the bank's associated units. More specifically, you can also register for installment services when paying with Visa, Mastercard cards such as tours, electronics ...

Indeed, for those who fear the risk of carrying a lot of cash, use a credit card. Credit cards are convenient, compact and secure. However, don't put all your faith in it. Risks can always occur at any time. Remember to always have a backup plan when traveling abroad to avoid the hassle of money.

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