Dragon Capital's 1.3 billion USD fund poured more money into stocks

VEIL is estimated to have disbursed nearly US $ 38 million in the market during the week of May 14-21, bringing the fund's cash proportion to its lowest level in two months.

Vietnam Enterprise Investments Limited (VEIL) - the largest investment fund managed by Dragon Capital with a portfolio of 1.3 billion USD - has just announced its performance in the week of May 14-21.

The most noticeable figure is that the ratio of cash to value of managed assets of VEIL has decreased to 3.32%, the lowest level in nearly two months. Accordingly, the cash size on May 21 was about 42 million USD, down 37.78 million USD from May 14.

NAV of 10 largest investments of VEIL - investment fund manages USD 1.3 billion.

As of May 21, VEIL's 10 largest investments account for nearly 60% of the fund's total NAV, or about $ 780 million, an increase of more than 2% compared to May 14. In which, leading is MWG with nearly 9.7% NAV, followed by VHM, ACB, HPG, KDH, MBB, VCB ...

Compared to the beginning and middle of May, the biggest change in the Top 10 is the appearance of VNM with the scale of 3.6% NAV of the fund (approximately 47 million USD). This position previously belonged to HPX shares of Hai Phat Invest.

In the report, VEIL explained the investment objective to "seek opportunities with medium and long-term vision". Investment criteria are based on positive growth momentum, corporate governance and growth momentum associated with the overall growth of Vietnam's economy.

In addition to VEIL, some large-scale investment funds also accelerated their disbursement again after the market bottomed in late March and recorded positive gains in April and May. PYN Elite Fund - managed investment fund management of EUR 360 million - in the April report, the proportion of shares in this fund's portfolio increased to 94% NAV, up 3% from the previous month.

In recent reports, the fund constantly gives positive assessments with economic prospects as well as the stock market and considers that Vietnam is one of the few bright spots on disease control.

In the portfolio of PYN Elite Fund, VEA is the largest share with 10.64% NAV. Following are the three banks TPBank, HDBank and VietinBank with the proportion from 7.92 to 9.36%. The fund also invested heavily in MWG, some aviation stocks such as ACV, SCS or real estate codes like KDH, NLG.

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