"Divine medicine" Hoa Da - the first physician anesthetized surgery

Dubbed as one of the four great Chinese medicine, Hua Da is a famous "god of medicine" from the late Eastern Han Dynasty with great contributions to traditional medicine. In particular, he is also considered to be the first physician to perform anesthetic surgery.

Portrait "Hoa y" Hoa Da. (Photo: Xuehua).

According to Xuehua, Hua Da came from a poor family in the Eastern Han dynasty. He was very interested in medicine and devoted his life to practicing medicine to help people.

With advanced medical knowledge, Hoa Da has found valuable remedies and secrets for people such as Ngu Cam Hi and Ma Phi Can, drugs that help create anesthetic surgical methods.

In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, there is the story of Quan Cong when fighting Phan Thanh was poisoned in his arm. Because the toxin was too strong, Hoa Da had to cut into Quan Cong's bone. However, the bones turned green, needing to be removed without pain or anesthetics.

Under this situation, Hoa Da spent many days researching and manufacturing Ma Phi Can. Taking this medicine in combination with alcohol, the patient will comatose during the surgery, helping the surgery go smoothly.

Ma Phi Can is especially effective for cases that require major surgery such as tumor removal, stomach suturing. The main constituents of the drug include herbs, dong quai, nam tinh.

Later, Western medicine also created some anesthetics for surgery such as opium and chloroform.

With Ma Phi Can's remedy nearly 2,000 years ago, Hoa Da became the first to perform anesthesia surgery.

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