Discover the giant snake cave

THAILAND - A newly discovered cave in Kueng Kan province has a surface resembling the scales of a legendary Naga snake.

In May, a facebook user named Ord Thanawanij posted some cave photos in Bueng Khong Long district, Bueng Kan province, more than 700 km from Bangkok. What made this cave famous quickly was that it resembled the legendary giant Naga. The surface of the cave is also rough, like snake scales. In addition, the cave door is shaped like a snake's head.

Thanawanij's post was shared by many and the legend of the giant snake has once again become the "hot" topic of Thailand. Others believe that this is the entrance to the mysterious city of Pu Ua Lue, where it is believed that the Naga snake is cursed.

The provincial Public Relations Department quickly spoke up about this snake cave. Officials insist that photos of the snake's head and body are not from the same cave. The first part of the snake belongs to the cave in Oudomxay province, Laos. The cave is shaped like a snake scale located in a forest of Phu Langka National Park, Bueong Khong Long district, Bueng Kan province, nearly 700 km from Oudomxay.

The area where the cave is detected as shown in the photo is a difficult, inaccessible place. In Covid-19, Phu Lanka National Park does not allow visitors to visit. It said it would hold a collection of entrance tickets in the future, when the pandemic was under control.

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